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If you dive into Stride, you definitely won’t be bored. There is ALWAYS something going on…

snowshoeing, spikeball, ATVing, tubing, canyoneering, biking, horseback riding, sledding, cornhole, paddle boarding, camping, hiking, skiing, hunting, retreats, board games, backpacking, snowboarding, fishing, sailing, climbing, movie nights, and much much more.

If you don’t see something you’re interested in or want to learn a new hobby, don’t heistate to ask!

Stride Fridays

Stride Fridays are our main hub for community each week! We play games, eat a meal together, talk about faith, and develop lasting friendships.  

We typically meet every Friday at 1800 for dinner.
Please check the calendar below for an up-to-date schedule.
Come early for lattes, games, and to catch up with each other (check on our app for when the house opens up).




We LOVE food at STRIDE! Every Friday night we start the evening off with a home cooked meal. In a world where we are constantly distracted, we think that the dinner table is an important place. It’s a nice break for those of you who eat at the chow hall constantly.


Sometimes we stay in and watch a movie and play board games, other times we are sauntering along the high ridges of the nearby mountains. If you want the full Utah experience - hiking, skiing, camping, retreats, rafting, snowboarding, hunting, fishing, climbing, etc - we ALWAYS have something planned!


Being new is temporary. Good friendships last forever. Come ready to gain lifelong friendships with people who will offer encouragement as you navigate and grow through your military career.


After a while, those close bonds of friendship develop into something much more. A family of people serving our country from all walks of life. Living in community together, serving one another, and mentoring each other.


Come as you are! We teach from a Christian perspective and offer spiritual guidance and mentorship at your request. Your spiritual life is YOUR journey and we respect that no matter who you are and what you believe. Faith that is forced is never good, we don’t want that either.

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The Team



Friend, dad to Caleb and Audrey, husband to Erin, pastor, outdoor adventurer, Army reserves veteran, big game hunter, paraglider... are all parts of my life as I daily follow Jesus over the years from Wisconsin to Germany to Alaska to Utah.




Since 2008, I have been doing life with military peoples. While serving in the Air Force from 2008-2012, I was a C-17 crew chief and crash recovery specialist. When I am not hanging out with Stride folks, I am working my full time job as software engineer. My favorite hobbies are backpacking, tenkara style fly fishing, and snowboarding; but I do love ALL outdoor activities! 


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